A quick note to SOI readers

Updates from last week's launch and what to expect next week


Many of you reached out directly to thank me, commend my efforts or let me know you did not receive Student of Intention. Thank you for all of it. And special thanks to Tim, Malia, John, Ted, Cameron, Ken, Chels, Robbie, Marcos, Rhoda, Nick, Dipak, Meli, Ryan, Andrew, Mom and of course, Tracy.

For those who missed the launch email…

Fear not, you can still read it here. Comment and music feedback buttons should work now. You can also test your email deliverability by following these instructions.

Kendra from Substack support and I are becoming close friends. She is part of a lean team working over the holidays. Be patient and we’ll figure this email stuff out soon enough.

What to expect next week…

This Friday is Christmas so I bought you a present! It’s not a pony. But it’s still a big deal. It’s something that has improved my health BIG time and I’m giving it away to one lucky reader. I also share another poem, my confrontation with fear and the best part of my morning ritual.

If you’re new to Student of Intention…

Thank you and come on in - the water is fine. Below are a few links to help get us acquainted:

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If you’re bursting with holiday spirit…

Just something about this time of year, right? Keep that Feliz Navidad flame lit all week by spreading the gift of living with intention:

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And if you make it this far, why not share an intention? You can reply to me directly or leave it in the comments.

Tracy and I plan to have a beach picnic on Xmas Day. I intend to take a swim. Jumping in the Pacific on Christmas sounds too sweet not to experience.

Until we meet again,

Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.