Do not read this email

Instead, write down three intentions. Then schedule time to fulfill them in your calendar. An intention is a planned moment you want to experience.

Three of mine for this week:

  • Read a chapter of The Hero with a Thousand Faces

  • Run on the beach all the way to The Wedge

  • Record first podcast episode

Next, schedule a time later in the week to record one observation about your intentions. Sunday works well. I call this practice, Reflection.

Part of my Reflection from last week:

Tuesday morning’s writing session was helpful. I brain dumped four pages at 6 AM. I felt clear and ready for the day. Afterward, I went for a walk to let the morning unfold. Awesome way to start a day.

Boom - you crushed it. Take a bow, raise your hands… whatever you gotta do to recognize your morning, self-love efforts properly.

Juicer for your troubles?

Friendly reminder there’s a badass juicer up for grabs this week. But you gotta send over a story. A story of you living with intention. I pick a winner this week and hope to share your story next Tuesday (if you let me). Reply, text or DM your story to qualify.

Feeling like getting extra intentional?

Awesome! Here are a few other things you can check out to keep moving:

OGDay1s Podcast - My friends Ryan, Kendrick, Jamal, Troy, Jason and Ray invited me to chat 2021 Intentions if you wanna give a listen.

The Artist’s Journey - I love all books by Steven Pressfield. This is the latest I’ve read and my favorite so far. It’s a lightning fast read packed with stories, references and ideas to get your 2021 rolling with intention.

The 5 Buckets Intention Guide - It’s free and the exact framework I’ve used since September to enjoy my pursuit of purpose.

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