Do you have your attention?

Focused energy, intentional eating with Ryan and doing what you want to be.

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Today’s intention is:

To focus.

Infinite creative energy surrounds you. Resist ceding its power to distraction.

The attention we give our actions

Three of my closest friends invited me to a golf trip in Palm Springs.

On Friday afternoon, I jump in my Jeep and make the two-hour drive to Indian Wells Golf Resort. When I step out of my car into the parking lot, the temperature reads a mild 85 degrees. It typically rises into the 100s so I’m grateful for the unusually cool weather.

As I head to the range to warm up, I notice the other golfers nearby. I watch them wiggle, shuffle, fidget, flex and twist. Energy just leaves their body and never makes it to the golf ball in front of them.

It is energy, wasted.

I carry the thought to the tee box.

The marshall waves us up and I step forward to take my first swing of the round.

The resistance of the ground beneath me will generate all the energy I need. Then I must transfer that energy to the little, white ball in front of me.

I line up, press my feet firmly to the ground, still my wrists and focus.

No wiggling. No fidgeting. No wasting energy.

I rotate back and swing.

The ball rockets down the fairway and I gaze in amazement.

Focused energy > wasted energy

Later that evening, the realization resurfaces while I shower.

I notice my feet shuffling, my body swaying and my thoughts drifting.

It’s energy, wasted.

I am here to enjoy the hot water, smell the soap and rinse the sweat.

So I do as I did on that first tee.

I plant my feet, refocus and clean each pore from face to feet.

Life is about more than bathing and golf. But each represents a chance to practice focusing our energy.

We can give our full attention to our experiences.

And when we do, our impact deepens. Our shots fly farther.

What are you doing today?

How might you give your full attention?

Resist waggling, shuffling, and swaying.

Instead, plant your feet, focus your effort and do the things you’re here to do.

You’ll be amazed at how far your shots fly.

The attention we give our food

My buddy, Ryan Kearney joined Student of Intention to explore The Health Bucket. During our conversation, we define health and chat diet, exercise, the places he’s lived, and how he’s impacted my intentions around health.

In this clip, he shares the WHY behind his food choices. He's practiced vegan, vegetarian, carnivore and flexitarian diets. Some serve him to heal and some to thrive.

Ryan ate nothing but meat for 40 days after practicing veganism for 10 years. He is the most intentional eater I know and a great human being to boot.

Give the full episode a listen on AppleSpotifyYouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.

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The attention we give to what we do

Last week, I began following Ryan Holiday’s work. He shares insights from “some of the wisest philosophers, most incisive thinkers, greatest leaders and most awesome badasses that ever lived.”

He wrote an article titled, 12 Questions That Will Change Your Life and dropped it in my inbox on Friday. Here is one question from the article along with context around why we should ask it:

My takeaway?

Do what you want to be.

And when you’re doing it, focus.

Until next time,

Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.