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A wedding in Mexico, Music Show Number 2 and self love for Valentine's Day

After reaching nearly 1,000 views two weeks ago, last week’s post dropped to nearly half that mark. It reminds me, we are in this together and it’s time I better understand what you think of Student of Intention.

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While sitting at a cafe in downtown Tulum

A musician walks toward me then drops his guitar and amp a few feet from the table. He grabs a chair, sits down and motions to the waitress to turn off the background music.

He strums the guitar instinctively as if he’s channeling a song rather than playing it. The sound is harp-like. The guitar’s headstock looks altered and the strings made of nylon instead of steel. The musician also rakes each string with a two-inch long thumbnail shaped perfectly for playing; it reminds me of a comic book villain. The “villain” nail is a little gross but all combine to produce some beautiful music.

There’s a massive blue mural behind Mr. Nail featuring a woman wearing a sherbert bikini kissing a deep sea diver. On my right side, a sign on the wall reads, “The earth laughs in flowers”. The porch ceiling above is strung with lights and ivy. I sip chamomile tea and wait for my rice noodle dish to arrive.

Sitting a few tables in front of me, a couple stares at each other. They drink mango smoothies whispering to each other every thirty seconds. They don’t need to say much. They are communicating with their eyes. Expressing love, patience and acceptance. Giving a little… receiving a little.

The scene serves as a reminder,

Love is a dance

A few days prior, I officiated a wedding. My friends Rich and Meli rescheduled the event three times due to the pandemic. Through patience, perseverance and the support of their wonderful family, they finally pulled it off.

Rich, Meli and I are close. We’ve formed a powerful bond the last several months. In September, they hosted me at their new house in Redondo Beach for the weekend. It was one of my favorite weekends of 2020.

Peeking into their world for a few days was a treat. I saw how they went about building a home together. Who does the dishes, takes out the trash, prepares the guest room and controls the music. I saw all the nuances up close. How they assist one another… how they make decisions… how they live.

They dance in their little blue home on Robinson Street. It’s the dance of friendship, commitment and love. It’s a dance they’ll enjoy for a long time.

As I stand in front of their friends and family, I share a little advice to the two newlyweds regarding their dance of love:

Rich - As you dance with Meli, let her lead. She’s a wanderer… an explorer. Follow her moves with curiosity and joy. Trust her to show you the way. Greet each surprise step, shift and shake with gratitude. Smile and admire the masterpiece you two create.

Meli - As you dance with Rich, forgive his mistakes. He doesn’t step on your toes intentionally, he just has a bum ankle. He may miss your hand when you spin. Or stray for an impromptu shimmy. He’s a Creative and his own choreography calls. He’s a King. But he will always stand tall and dance with his Queen.

To the both of you - There will be times where you forget the steps or don’t even know the song you're listening to. Just laugh and keep on groovin’. As long as you dance together, the party never ends.

It was a special moment and one I won’t forget. Thank you Meli and Rich.

Back at the cafe, Mr. Nail plays Every Breath You Take by The Police. I hum along. The mango smoothie couple pays their check and walks across the street to look at the mural.

It’s Valentine’s Day and my wife is back home. I miss her. I think of our own dance.

Am I letting her lead enough?

Do I follow her with curiosity and joy?

How can I better forgive her mistakes?

She gives me so much. And she lets me stray for a solo shimmy whenever my choreography calls.

I can always do more and I promise to never stop trying to figure out just how much.

For now, I’ll send her a text.

And write this post.

Love you Trace.

Thank you for being my friend.

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Music Show 002

The Bobby Dysart Music Show is officially a hit! Or at least it exceeded Chris and I’s expectations as episode one reached over 150 listens in just a few days. Not too shabby for our little experiment. Thank you so much to everyone who gave us a listen!

Sticking to the post-VDay theme, here is a clip from episode one where I share part of when I fell in love with Tracy:

Episode two is live on Spotify and I sense improvement from episode one. Chris and I kick it up a notch with the music selection. We also define bliss, share a Barcelona story and chat about making work feel more like play.

Please give the show a follow and let me know what you think!

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Be Mine… Self?

Much of Valentine’s Day focuses on the love between couples. I want to recognize the importance of self-love. The more I research living with intention, the more I subscribe to the idea that we cannot love others fully until we love ourselves.

Loving myself helps me to show up for Rich and Meli on their big day.

It drives me to be better for Tracy.

It enables me to write this newsletter for you.

My new partner, Lizette, has been helping with Student of Intention. She recently spun up the Instagram account and posted this message about self-love:

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Thank you Lizette - I really appreciate your help.

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