It's ok to laugh

Fun with intention, enjoying today and a message from Ram Dass.

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I close Joseph Campbell’s, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The clock reads 5:47 AM. Looking out my patio door windows, I can tell it’s a chilly morning.

I throw on a pair of Nike sweats, a Vice beanie and Saucony running shoes. Then I buckle a phone pouch around my waist. Like a fanny pack for runners. I open the door and head to the beach.

When I return from my run, I brew some tea. A mixture of vanilla black, hibiscus and chamomile (organic, of course). I play songs by Ram Dass on Spotify while I wait. I slice some strawberries and add them to a bowl of blueberries.

I move to the kitchen table with the tea and fruit. As I sit down, I catch my reflection in the mirror.

No beanie. Instead, my exceedingly long hair sits pulled back by a Lululemon headband. The fanny pack remains.

I grin and blurt out a chuckle.

Here I am, just before 7 AM, listening to chants of I Am Loving Awareness, wearing my wife’s headband, sitting down to enjoy some tea and berries.

It’s a bit to take in.

Then I think,

It’s ok to laugh

That little morning moment made me realize how much fun I’m having. I also realize I need to share these moments with you.

As I share my challenges, my fears and my struggles, I want to be clear:

I’m having a blast.

Seriously, I am nerding out on this intention stuff.

I made a vegan butternut squash soup three different times last week. I reread the last chapter of Dr. Dyer’s book twice.

Whether it’s recording pods with Chris, brewing tea wearing a fanny pack or writing thank you letters to engaged Students of Intention, I’m digging it all.

I’m enjoying the pursuit of purpose.

I tackle serious stuff but try not to take any of it too seriously.

Discussing my relationship with alcohol on my first podcast episode was serious. But it was fun too.

Chris and I exchanged countless drunken stories. And we laughed. Because the stories are funny.

And figuring out all the other stuff I get to do in this life? That’s fun too.

And that’s the fundamental lesson I want to share today.

This stuff is fun.

And it’s ok to laugh.

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Enjoying today

The more I write this email, run on the beach, make butternut squash soup, post on Instagram and LinkedIn, the more I realize I am creating habits. Or at least it might look like I am.

Creating habits is not my intention. Nor is it my intention to suggest you create habits. In fact, I suggested we all stop trying to create habits just a month ago.

Not that habits are a bad thing. They just aren’t my focus.

I had a stubborn thought last week. The thought weaseled it’s way into my mind a few times.

I thought about the future. I thought about all the things I need to do to grow Student of Intention. All the breaks I may need to keep it rolling. All the things that might go wrong. All the… nonsense that doesn’t matter.

All I really need to do?

Enjoy today.

If there is one habit, it is that habit.

I don’t need to write perfectly every day. I don’t need to eat berries every day. I don’t need to run on the beach every day.

I don’t even need to live with intention every day.

Just today.

Enjoy today enough and more will come.

What are you going to enjoy today?

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A message from Ram Dass

That last sentence is kinda everything.

The more I study intention, the more I realize I do it all for you.

I give myself gifts of health, gifts of learning and gifts of creativity.

And give them all away to you.

You have gifts too.

And when you give them to others, unconditionally, you live with intention.

You enjoy the pursuit of purpose.

For next time (possibly):

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Until next time,

Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.